As a longtime advocate of social media I have worked as a developer, consultant, strategist and general, all-around problem solver. You can see the recommendations of a few of my clients on my testimonials page.

I believe that web presence is more than just corporate or brand identity. The internet is a powerful tool that can level the playing field. Your online presence is not only a space for your company to cost effectively reach the entire world, it can allow you to have a very personal face with your customers/clients. The same way social media, which is still in its infancy, is helping to bring a voice to marginalized peoples of the world it can also give you the freedom to build and connect and free yourself from the old constraints of marketing your business. I am fanatical about creating an online presence for you that is not only user friendly but search engine friendly. I believe that once built, your site should be yours and should be easy for you to update and manage.

If you have any questions about what I can do for you feel free to contact me at james@jamespoling.com


I started blogging in 1999. Gradually and organically my blog began morphing into a political blog. As I began to attract a loyal group of readers I was able to begin monetizing my content as an early BlogAds adopter harnessing the site’s traffic to generate revenue. In 2002 I decided to shutter the site and take a hiatus from blogging.

Later in 2002, I launched a New York based media blog originally called BlogNYC.net. BlogNYC was eventually re-branded into Metadish.com as the site began to focus more current affairs and celebrity gossip. In 2006 I sold Metadish to the guys over at National Lampoon.

Metadish was a great experience. I learned many valuable lessons throughout the process of building and establishing it. You really learn how to hone your skills as a strategist when your entire business model depends on it.


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