Gmail Introduces Two New Themes to Preview Their New Gmail+ Look

Google already made the announcement earlier this week that they’ll be phasing out the Picasa and Blogger brands to more fully integrate them with Google+, it’s no real surprised that they’re doing the same thing for Gmail.

They may not be phasing out the Gmail brand but they did just release two new themes that are supposed to let you “preview” the eventual new look of Gmail. Both themes are basically the same although one is “dense”. The only difference is between this and the non-dense version is the other version seems to be double-spaced, a little too much space for my liking. I prefer the dense theme.

If you have right-side chat enabled in your Gmail Labs you’ll want to disable that otherwise it tends to make the theme look pretty funky.

I’ve been hoping for a new Gmail UI for quite a while and although I do think this is a step in the right direction I think there’s a lot more room for tightening up the UI and making it a just a little cleaner.

To activate the themes simply go into your Gmail settings > Themes and choose one of the two new options listed, they should be the last two themes listed.

What do you guys think of the new look?


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