Fix for Android Apps Disappearing into Folders

One of the most frustrating things I’ve run into since making the switch to Android is that, quite often, when I go to move an app on one of my screens it just disappears. I eventually figured out that, for some reason, these apps were disappearing into seemingly random folders located on other random screens.

I’m currently using the Nexus S 4G and running the latest version of Gingerbread but from what I’ve read the issue may not be limited to Gingerread or the Nexus S.

The first work around I found was completely rebooting your phone sometimes, but not always, seemed to work and allow you to replace the icons that disappeared or move them to wherever you had originally planned on moving them.

The second work around is a bit quicker and actually seems to work better. Before you start moving or rearranging your apps kill all your running apps using the Advanced Task Killer app. The native app killing app may work just as well but ATK is the app I use.

I’ve found that killing everything with ATK and then rearranging seems to make everything go pretty smooth. No more disappearing apps so far. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


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