Writing From Heart to Hand

I’ve been going through what feels like, and most likely is, the worst period of personal turmoil in my life. I’ve wanted desperately to continue to writing and updating this site and keep connected in some way to the people that actually read the other stuff I blather on about.

Unfortunately I’m not as good as writing from heart to hand as other excellent bloggers out there. Some people seem to be able to easily transition fairly seamlessly from random subjects to some fairly personal aspects of their lives. I definitely wish I was better able to make that transition myself.

I’ve thought about starting a random anonymous blog to write about this stuff but far too often in the past I’ve completely diluted my writing and whatever following I’ve had built up by going off on tangents thinking that the grass would be greener.

Part of the issue is that with all that’s going on I feel a bit as if I’ve lost who I am. I sort of feel like nothing really inspires me or makes me feel like writing. The kind of tech and brand strategy stuff I usually write about just feels forced and trite with everything else that’s going on in my life. I feel like a phony of sorts writing about that stuff when my mind is in a million different places, none of which have to do with that right now.

I know that eventually these things will all begin to work themselves out and thoughts, ideals and passions will return but until then I have to decide whether or not my personal life is of any interest to anyone or, more importantly, whether or not it would be beneficial for me to just be as honest as possible and share what’s going. Often just being able to write about it and even occasionally get some feedback and or support can be extremely cathartic.


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