Zapd App Lets You Build a Website in Seconds

Zapd is an ingenious little app that makes it easy for literally anyone (with an iPhone that is) to publish photos and content to their very own website right from their phones.

If you have a ton of photos just sitting on your iPhone looking for a unique space to share with friends and family you definitely want to check out Zapd.

It’s a great concept with a lot of potential even if it is still a little rough around the edges. Here’s my Zapd page I created last night in less than a minute.

Zapd pros:

  • Incredibly user friendly.
  • Super fast and easy to create a site.
  • It’s free (Although I would imagine there will be premium features available in the future).
  • 20 free themes to choose from.
  • Create an unlimited number of free sites.
  • Sites are mobile optimized for and automatically show the best theme for phone, tablets of PC.

Zapd Cons:

  • No ability to create custom URLs, someone will definitely need a link to get to your site. For example the Zapd URL I create is
  • Once you’re on a Zapd site there’s no ability to “share” the site. No social media integration.
  • Posts are shown in chronological rather than reverse chronological (typical blog order) so the oldest photo/post is always at the top. (Although this may be less of an issue if you think of Zapd in a different way which I’ll discuss after this).

As I was writing that last con it crossed my mind that not only is Zapd incredibly easy to use, it’s totally outside the box of other photo/content sharing apps and it doesn’t work to try and judge it by the same standards. The complaint about the posts showing in chronological order may be a valid one if you’re thinking of Zapd as along the same lines as Posterous or Tumblr or even Instagram or Picplz but I think that’s a mistake.

Each of those sites are permanent archives where you archive all of your content always and forever, which is why it’s important that the content be displayed in reverse chronological order so you’re not seeing the same photo every time you visit the site for the next two years. What Zapd allows you to do (and should be encouraging its users to do) is to create one-off Zapd sites for virtually every moment in your life. Go for a walk in the park? Here’s a Zapd for that. Kid learning how to walk? Here’s a Zapd for that.

Zapd’s strength isn’t in it’s ability to harbor every moment in your life in one place, it’s strength lies in it’s ability for you to create a clean, quick, one-off site complete with dozens of photos, comments and commentary about literally any life experience that is happening right now and share it with the world in a matter of minutes. When you think of Zapd like that it’s features become a lot more valuable.

Zapd Screenshots

[nggallery id=21]

Zapd in 60 Seconds


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