It's No Wonder the Baltimore Orioles Suck with Idiots Like Luke Scott Playing for Them

Luke Scott believes in God just not legal documents

You would think with everything else that’s going on in the country that President Obama’s decision to release his long-form birth certificate would allow everyone to move past this lunacy. Nope, legal documentation isn’t enough for MLB player Luke Scott.

Here’s what Scott told Sam Mellinger of the Kansas City Star:

“If they can counterfeit $100 bills, I think it’s a million times easier to counterfeit a birth certificate, if you ask me,” Scott says. “So, all it is, let’s just see if it’s real. Anybody can produce a document, so let’s check it out.”

It’s a little known fact that Luke Scott has been taking Counterfeit 101 correspondence courses for years now. Looks like Donald Trump has an early candidate for a presidential soul running mate.


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