Dear Guy at Starbucks Watching a Movie on His Computer without Headphones

When you come to Starbucks whether it’s to relax or try and get some work done, it’s with the understanding that it’s a public place and not a public library. You expect a certain amount of conversation and noise but, theoretically, you also expect a certain level of respect from all the other people relaxing/working.

If you want to come to Starbucks and watch a movie on your laptop, for whatever reason, that’s fine but for the love of all that’s holy put on a set of headphones.

This guy has been sitting here for hours watching a movie, or tv or videos of some sort with the sound blaring out of his laptop. Granted, it’s not deafening or anything but it’s still highly annoying.

What makes it even more annoying is that it’s not even some clueless kid whom you might expect to not have enough sense to know that other people might be bothered by their lack of consideration for everyone else here, it’s a full-grown man.

I’m not a saint or anything nor generally do I consider myself overly concerned with what people think of me, but I cannot imagine myself in a situation where I would consider it OK to walk into a public place, open up my laptop, turn it up and start watching a movie. Why not just drag a portable TV, some bunny ears and a lawn chair and make yourself at home.

And so, in conclusion, you’re an asshole.


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