My Daughter Doesn't Think I'm Talented

Like most kids, my daughter loves her bedtime books. She just turned three and as she’s gotten older her books are progressively starting to contain more and more dialogue between characters. I realized I had been focusing on pronunciation when I read to her and haven’t been really getting into the character work. Tonight I decided to change all of that with a dramatic reading of Moonbeam Bear: A Bedtime Story.

Mind you, I’m a classically trained actor at one of the top acting schools in the country so I was getting pretty excited about impressing my daughter with some serious character work. I could feel the butterflies as my first character line approached. I muster up the courage and do my best Moonbeam Bear. Halfway through my sentence my daughter says, “Daddy, please don’t talk like that.”

Alas, it was worse than that time I was booed off stage at the Apollo, ironically enough for doing a dramatic reading of Moonbeam Bear.


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