VisivoTab: Chrome Extension that Adds Beautiful Photos to New Chrome Tabs

I learned about this extension from Marshall Kirkpatrick, co-editor of ReadWriteWeb. I admit I was a little skeptical thinking I couldn’t live without the shortcuts the default new Chrome tab offers. But after thinking about I realized I never really used those app shortcuts all that often anyway and once I installed VisivoTab I was sold.

Tired of that boring old New Tab page? Spruce it up with beautiful high resolution photos hand-selected by Flickr’s visivo.

** Update: Uses Flickr’s “large” size when available to speed up rendering, the scaling difference isn’t very noticeable. If a few people ask for the larger size again I can add an option to enable that. **

** Update: Links to photo page when mouse is moved (a la google fade in) **

There is a calming sense when you’re slammed with work and open up a new tab and see a beautiful photo staring back at you. Even if you only take it in for a few seconds, it definitely gives you a change of pace and gives you a chance to explore some great photographs while you’re working at the same time.

You can download the VisivoTab extension here.


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