New Budget Cuts $500 Million to Subsidize Food for Children from Low Income Families, Raises Pentagon Budget by $5 Billion

Maybe they should lower the minimum age to eight for children from poor families to be able to join the military so at least they can eat.

Almost $3 billion for high-speed rail funds are cut, along with roughly $3 billion for highway construction, $6.2 billion in Department of Defense construction projects, and $1 billion from programs that help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Social safety net programs are not spared. WIC, a program that uses federal money to subsidize the food and nutrition needs of children from low-income families, is cut by more than $500 million.

It must be difficult for the same people that insist this nation was founded on Christian values and become irate and fear-monger about a secular, atheist country dominated by radical Islamists can take the food out of the mouths of hungry children and pour into the military industrial complex.

Every broad category of government receives a reduction in funding levels, with the exception of two: The Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The Pentagon would end up with a boost of about $5 billion above last year’s level. At the same time, the bill would slash $4.2 billion in military earmarks — a type of spending Republicans have vowed to eliminate from the budget.

What’s your take on this new budget?


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