Utopic.me Aggregates Your Friends' Likes and Shares and Displays Them in Little Boxes of Goodness

Yesterday I posted about a new content curation service called Cliq.ly. While they’re UI is pretty awesome looking, as of now there’s not many features available, although as I mentioned I’m sure more will be coming.

Today I came across a similar service called Utopic.me. Utopic.me is much more refined and is specifically tuned into your social networks and aggregating the content and hot topics your friends are currently sharing.

Currently you can connect Utopic to your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts. You even have the option of blocking people and or sites from your Utopic feed.

I spoke with Jüri Kaljundi, the CEO and co-founder of Utopic, to ask him some questions about how exactly the content was aggregated. Here are his answers.

Input from your friends (or friends of friends):
– how many times an item has been posted, liked or retweeted by your friends on FB/Twitter (or favourited / liked on Youtube)
– same among your friends of friends, in case we have data about that

Global input statistics:
– how popular something is among all Utopic users or all Facebook/Twitter/Youtube users (accessed via their API’s)

Self-learning elements inside Utopic that tune in time:
– how much you have clicked some domain objects eg. if you click more on techcrunch.com or cnn.com objects, we show more of them over time
– same for object types, eg if you click more on videos or music, we show more of that on first page over time
– on which friends items you click more

The interesting bit is the big data we collect on backend about people’s links and interests. For example even for 500 users we have collected 2+ million links they and their friends have shared, retweeted or liked. This can open interesting possibilities in the future for trend analysis, so this is not just an UI play.

The self-learning feature is what really caught my attention. You don’t have to worry about adding feeds and or missing out, Utopic will automatically learn to detect the content you like and display it for you.

Of course with all of this data being stored by next question for Jüri was about privacy concerns. If all of this data is being stored how can we be sure that it’s safe.

We take privacy very seriously, so inside the system, only you see the stuff that has been shared to you on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. We don’t keep really all data about each link you click, just the processed generic data of what types of things you like. For other stuff, it’s the same information that’s available over FB, Twitter, Youtube API’s anyway.

You can currently filter your content by videos, photos, music, events and movies. Here are some more screenshots below.
Obviously the more friends you have connected to the service the more content your Utopic will generate. I could defiitely see this as a nice homepage to open up to in the morning to get an overview of what’s happening around your social networks.


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