Five Firefox 4 Extensions to Get You Up and Running

With over 8 million downloads and counting it’s a good bet that not only are a lot of current Firefox users downloading Firefox 4 but it may actually be winning over some new IE users and, dare I say, winning back some Chrome users.

One of the first things I noticed after downloading and beginning to test FF4 was just how dependent I had become on many of my Chrome extensions. I was pleased to see that many of the Chrome extensions I hadn’t seen on Firefox previously had made their way into Firefox 4.

Must Have Firefox 4 Extensions

  • Awesome Screenshot: Back before I made the switch to Chrome “Screengrab” was my extension of choice. Since that wasn’t available I finally found Awesome Screenshot and loved it. Not only can you take screenshots with a number of options you can edit, annotate and upload the screenshot to a hosted site. I even wrote a review about the Awesome Screenshot Chrome extension.
  • gpum: Similar to the Google Mail Checker Plus extension for Chrome, gpum is a Google mail popup manager that lets you preview your Gmail in a convenient popup window. It even has a better UI than GMCP in my opinion.
  • InstantFox: This is a huge one for Chrome users that have become accustomed to using Chrome’s “omnibox” for not only entering URLs but for quickly doing Google searches as well. InstantFox extension allows you to do that and more. In the address bar type “g” then your search term. You can also type “i” will which will do a Google Image Search and “m” which will do a Google Maps search. There are also shortcuts for Wikipedia, YouTube, Amazon and even the Weather. This is a great plugin.
  • Tab Scope: This is a pretty cool extension that allows you to not only preview your tabs through popups but also allows you to navigate in the popups as well. The one caveat to this extension is that some users have complained of it being a bit of a resource hog. I haven’t experienced that yet but if you install it and begin experiencing some slowdown you may want to consider uninstalling it and see if that helps.
  • Speed Dial: Not quite as robust as the the Chrome start page with access to your apps as well as your most visited sites, but Speed Dial is a popular Firefox extension that now works on Firefox 4.

I haven’t used Firefox in a while but I believe some of these apps are new to Firefox 4, even if they’re not they’re definitely still worth installing.

What did I miss? What are some of your must-have FF4 extensions? Leave a comment and let us know.


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