Beluga, GroupMe and Fast Company Neck and Neck in the SXSW Horse Race for Group Messaging Triple Crown [Infographic]

During the run-up to this year’s SXSW conference one of the big subplots, for lack of a better word, was the emergence of some new, and some improved group messaging apps. All of whom were jockeying for position with new releases and major updates in hopes that one of them would become the “go to” messaging app of thousands of geeks wandering around Austin trying to figure out the best place to go and drink.

Fortunately for us put together an infographic doing some head-to-head comparisons. GroupMe came out as the winner at least according to the specs they used to judge this horse race. Beluga, which was recently acquired by Facebook came in second followed by Fast Society, Kik and Yobongo.

Ultimately, as with most apps, it comes down to personal preference and what features you actually need. These apps are also inadvertently great at reminding you how few friends you actually have.

Group messaging apps seem like a great idea for co-workers, specifically for business related content. Creating permanent groups for “social” use seems a little more dicey. I could see creating temporary groups to coordinate a night out or to keep in touch with people you’re on vacation with. The problem with setting permanent groups for making plans is that, depending on what you’re group of friends is planning on doing, there’s always going to be “that one person” that you might not want involved. Creating a blanket group for planning or communicating doesn’t seem like such a great idea, to me at least. Then again I tend to compartmentalize my groups of friends, I suppose not everyone is as neurotic about it as me.

Do you use any group messaging apps? If so, which ones do you use and what do you use them for?


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