Jonathan Geller the Boy Genius from The Boy Genius Report Switches Back to AT&T

I saw a stat somewhere today, although I can’t remember where it was, that Verizon had already nabbed nearly 20% of the iPhone market share.

One of the reasons I never considered jumping ship was because, for me, having an iPhone that can’t send/receive data while your’e on a voice call seemed to defeat the purpose.

There have been many times when I’ve been talking to someone and some question or another came up and I could easily turn on the speaker phone and quickly find an answer. That’s something that’s not an option on Verizon’s CDMA network.

Here’s Geller’s reason for switching his beloved iPhone back to AT&T:

In the end, my personal experience with Verizon’s iPhone in and around New York City ended up being about the same as it was when I was on AT&T. This, combined with other advantages AT&T’s network has, has made me finally decide to switch back. Literally moments before I wrote this article, I synced up my Verizon iPhone and restored it to my AT&T iPhone (I can do this because the OS on the Verizon iPhone is lower than the AT&T iPhone — if I ever wanted to switch back, I couldn’t restore my data until the Verizon iPhone OS is updated to version 4.3). I missed the ability to talk on the phone while data is still flowing (even though I hate talking on the phone). I missed AT&T’s extremely fast data speeds. I missed knowing that if I ever travel outside of the country, I don’t have to get a new phone (even though I hate flying — no, seriously, try me). I missed feeling like I’m in the digital age instead of the stone age.

For many people this may never be an issue, but if you’re in the tech industry and you use your iPhone as a tool of the trade, there are some glaring limitations with what you can do on Verizon’s network. And, whether you like it or not, as much as people like to complain about it, AT&T does have the fastest 3G network out there and when you’re not near a WiFi hotspot that definitely comes in handy.

So, is anyone else out there thinking about jumping ship and coming back to AT&T?


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