Why You Should Follow Back on Twitter

In the past I’ve been a staunch opponent of the no-follow-back on Twitter but I’ve switched sides on that debate now. Granted, my epiphany was, for the most part, forced upon by Twitter’s strict rules on follow/follower ratios.

As of this morning I had around 1,100 followers and I was following around 2,000 people. I went to follow someone this morning and Twitter wouldn’t let me. It said that I was following too many people for the amount of followers I had. Granted it was a bit lopsided but it’s still about a .55 follow/follower ratio which doesn’t seem all that unbalanced but it’s enough for Twitter.

In the past my argument for not following someone back was that you should grow your Twitter list organically, following people you come across naturally and who you are interested in. That way, when you find someone that you are following and who is also following you it makes for some nice geek harmony that you organically came across one another.

Unfortunately, Twitter’s rules make this idealism not very practical which is why I’ve switched sides. To everyone who has followed me and I haven’t followed back I apologize. As of today I will be checking my email and Twitter and following back everyone who follows me in order to keep your followed/follower rates in balance.

Secondly, and maybe I’m just feeling this to help rationalize my decision, but it really is just common courtesy. The key is finding the people that legitimately follow you because they are interested in what you have to say and people who are padding their own numbers.

How do you decide who to follow back?


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