Cyndi Lauper Gives an Impromptu Masterclass in Reading Your Audience

It’s cloudy and rainy here and, call me a sucker, but this seemed to contrast the dreary weather, besides being a pretty cool thing for 57-year-old, 80’s pop icon to do.

Tempers were flaring in Buenos Aires Airport last Friday as flight cancellations and delays began taking their toll on the frustrated passengers. Cyndi manages to ease the tension by performing one of her hit songs over the PA system.

Personally I’d prefer an impromptu performance by Jay-Z but between this and no impromptu performance, I have to go with this.

Know Your Audience

This got me to thinking about one crucial step in creating a community. Knowing who your audience is and being able to read what they need. All great artists, performers, musicians, speakers, even bloggers have one thing in common. The ability to read their audience and give them exactly what they want when they want it. To be able to take what could be a negative situation and turn it into something incredibly positive. There’s something to be said for someone who can take the momentum of a crowd and shape and mold it at will creating a truly inspired moment between the performer and the audience.

Someone else in this same situation, faced with the same set of circumstances could have just as easily tried something like this only to have it fail miserably as the already frustrated crowd turned on them.

This wasn’t a fluke. This was an entertainer, a performer, (insert:blogger/speaker/etc. here) who was able to read the crowd and immediately turn the negative energy focused away from them into positive energy focused directly at her.

What do you think? Could Cyndi help alleviate your murderous airport rage with a little ditty?


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