qTweeter the Perfect App for Twitter and Facebook Power Users on the Go [Jailbreak]

I’ll preface this post by admitting that this app has been around for a while, however, since I just discovered it last week and I’ve never seen anyone using it I thought I’d go all Christopher Columbus and take credit for finding it doing a writeup about it.

Whether or not you’re a Twitter or Facebook power user, or a casual user, and you happen to be rocking a jailbroken iPhone, then this is one app you should definitely have on your phone. It’s the perfect app to Tweet on the go and it’s by far the simplest Twitter client I’ve ever used.

qTweeter is made for speed and it’s only for posting. You can’t read your timeline or send DMs, but that’s not what it’s made for. It’s made to post virtually any sort of content you want while making it amazingly simple and fast.

qTweeter allows you to instantly post to Facebook or Twitter from anywhere on your iPhone, including Safari. If you’re reading an article or viewing a blog on Safari and want to share a link, pull down qTweeter and it populates the site name along with a link to the page you’re viewing. And of course you can add your $.02 on the Tweet as well.

You can adjust the settings to choose where you want your media to be hosted, as of now your choices are TwitPic, Posterous and yFrog, all solid choices.

Check out the video blow from xSellize’s YouTube Channel.


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