Fun with Signs

According to the site, “Fun with Signs is dedicated to the pursuit of making juvenile jokes out of signs”.

Joining the long and fairly hilarious tradition of meme-sites thrown up on Tumblr, Fun with Signs does have a few gems that will make you LOL. FWS, Who is Arcade Fire, Look at this Fucking Hipster and Hipster Puppies are all good for a few laughs, not to mention they’re great time wasters.

The site was created by Jonathan Smith and it seems as if he did most of the work himself early on although, from the looks of it, there have been a few more people submitting their own juvenile sign photos recently.

According to his Twitter account he has also directed, produced and edited a movie called Breast Picture which you can apparently stream on Netflix.

The best part is that it’s safe-for-work material so you can spend literally minutes wasting your time away looking at juvenile sign photos.


2 thoughts on “Fun with Signs

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