Five Twitter Lists You Should be Following

I’ve been curating my Twitter lists for a while now and since a few people have asked me I thought I’d share some of the more developed ones here.

If you have any suggestions on a list for someone that might be a good addition leave a comment or send me a Tweet and let me know. My goal is to have each list a definitive list of Twitter users in each genre.

My Twitter Lists

  • @jamespoling/bloggers – This one could use a bit more work but as of now there are 107 kick-ass bloggers on this list. If you’re a blogger and want to be listed leave a comment and I’ll add you on. This is a great way to see what bloggers are posting/buzzing about.
  • @jamespoling/nyc – A great list of people and businesses in NYC. If you live in NYC you’ll get a lot of use out of this and a lot of great information about what’s going on around the city.
  • @jamespoling/notable-tech – A list of people that know their shit.
  • @jamespoling/celebrities – Looking for your favorite celebrity to stalk on Twitter then this is the list for you. A list of 156 celebrities that Tweet regularly. I’m sure there are plenty more out there that I’m missing. Send me a tweet and let me know of any Tweeting celebs that aren’t on the list.
  • @jamespoling/athletes – If you’re a sports fan you’re likely to find some of your favorite athletes on this list.

That’s five lists out of the 20 I’m currently managing. If you’d like to take a look at the rest of the lists I have you can view them all here.

Have a killer list of your own? Share it in the comments and let people know about it.


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