WordPress Editorial Calendar Plugin

One of the really useful features of WordPress is the ability to schedule blog posts to publish at a specified time in the future. This is a great way to maximize your writing time by giving you options to spread out your posts over the coming days and weeks.

The one drawback of scheduling posts in the future is that there is no native calendar built into WordPress that allows you to easily see what posts are coming up and the ability to quickly and easily re-order them into whatever order you would like. The WordPress Calendar plugin gives you a simple “bird’s eye view” of all of your past posts as well as your upcoming content.

Why Use an Editorial Calendar?

An editorial calendar is the foundation of strategic blogging; it lets you do the planning that it takes to get the most audience reach from your blog content.

  • An editorial calendar lets you plan ahead
  • An editorial calendar adds structure to your creativity
  • You can take a great concept further by serializing content
  • You can be proactive and capitalize on search trends

Watch this screen cast by the developer of the plugin Zack Grossbart which gives you an idea of how powerful a tool this is for managing the publishing of your posts.

You can download the plugin from here or simply add it via your plugins manager in your WordPress dashboard.

Already using this plugin? Let us know what you’ve found most useful about it in the comments.


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