How to Access the Old Gawker Media Designs

TechCrunch posted an article yesterday called Gawker’s Gulp Moment: Big Redesign Is Driving People Away pointing out the huge drop in traffic all Gawker media properties (save for Lifehacker) have seen since they launched there new design across all of their brands.

One constant you can always count on is that users tend to go apeshit bananas about virutally any sort of UI or functionality changes made to one of their beloved websites, no matter how minor, or seemingly innocuous the changes appear to be. That being said, the new Gawker Media redesigns are not minor by any stretch of the imagination.

Here’s a sampling of just a few of the reactions on Twitter:

Accessing the old Gawker site designs

There is however some good news. It seems that you can still access the old design on all of Gawker’s properties by adding “ca.” onto the beginning of any of their URLs. Visiting will bring you to classic Gawker blogginess:

I’m not sure how long this will last but it currently works for all of the Gawker properties including,,…well you get the idea.

And just in case you’re one of the, seemingly few, people that actually like the new redesign, you’ll be happy to know that someone has already come up with a completely free, Open Source WordPress theme that’s pretty much an exact replica of the Gawker themes. It’s called Qawker (live demo) and you can download it here.


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