Google Adds Thousands of Cr-48 Pilot Users to a Google Group Without Warning or Moderation

Something strange is going on in Chrome Notebook lab tonight. Somebody in the Chrome OS labs flipped a switch and an unknown amount of users were added, mid-thread, to the Chrome Notebook Pilot Users group on Google Groups.

I am in the Pilot Program, I received my Cr-48 on Feb. 4, but until I looked up and saw over 150 unread email messages in my inbox in less than ten minutes, I didn’t even know such a Google Group existed.

Not only was I not the only one who was confused but Google ruined the surprise for a few people who were put on the list who haven’t even received an Cr-48 yet.

I’ve been flooded with emails 20 mins ago? What does all this really mean? Am I going to receive a netbook from Google, or am I just getting spammed by Google for no appearance beneficial reason?

Why am I getting so much spam from this? Jesus Christ!

I was brought here, like a few people already, by seemingly random emails that suddenly made their way to my inbox, but am not (yet?) the proud owner of a Cr-48. Not that I mind at all, although I’m sure my mail person will be pretty tired of my daily “IS IT HERE YET?!” inquiries. :-D

At least I’m fortunate enough to actually have a Cr-48 so I’m not going to complain about the sudden onslaught of emails. It does seem strange how it all happened though. This was literally the first communication I’ve had from Google about the Cr-48 since I filled out the Pilot Program application last year.

Seems like the Pilot Program may be in a little disarray. Users were supposed to have been notified if they were selected to be a part of the program and it seems that few, if any actually were. Again, not that I’m complaining, I’m just interested to see if Google is going to address this and try to bring some order to this chaos.


2 thoughts on “Google Adds Thousands of Cr-48 Pilot Users to a Google Group Without Warning or Moderation

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