Revolution 2.0: If You Want To Liberate A Government, Give Them The Internet

Today we have witnessed history. Regardless of which side of the political spectrum you fall on it’s impossible to ignore what we have witnessed these past 18 days. The power of social media used to coordinate the peaceful overthrow of a government that had been in power for 30 years.

Wael Ghonim, a Google MENA Marketing Executive, is credited with creating the Facebook Page We are All Khaleed Saeed, which originally called for the Jan. 25 protests just 18 days ago. Not long after that Ghonim was taken captive, detained and blindfolded for 12 days by the Mubarek regime.

On Jan. 25 Ghonim posted on his Twitter account, “We got brutally beaten up by police people,” and later, “Sleeping on the streets of Cairo, trying to feel the pain of millions of my fellow Egyptians.”

“Very worried as it seems that government is planning a war crime tomorrow against people,” he wrote two days later. “We are all ready to die.” He disappeared soon after, and after a thorough search of area hospitals, his family and human rights workers have concluded that he was taken by Egyptian security forces.

After Mubarek officially stepped down today Ghonim was being interviewed by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and was asked about his take on the situation.

Ghonim, who has been a figurehead for the movement against the Egyptian government, told Blitzer “If you want to liberate a government, give them the internet.”

Today we saw the results of millions of dedicated, focused and peaceful protesters using the power of Twitter and Facebook to fuel a revolution.


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