GroupOn and LivingSocial Duke it Out for Worst/Most Tasteless Super Bowl Commercials

Once GroupOn locked up a last-minute time slot for a Super Bowl commercial they sort of forced LivingSocial’s hand which responded by buying a pre-Super Bowl time slot. Then, they both united to confound people with truly terrible and tasteless commercials, each vying for Worst Ad of the Night.

Let’s just cut the chase and say GroupOn’s commercial was definitely the most tasteless. A lot of people were shocked when GroupOn said, “Thanks, but no thanks,” to Google’s $6 billion acquisition bid a couple of months ago. Now it just seems as if people are realizing that GroupOn may in fact be just run by a bunch of rich, “out-of-touch”, “insensitive dicks“.

And now, to the tape.

GroupOn Super Bowl Commercial

One of the world’s most revered cultures and religious histories has been threatened with death and extinction in Tibet for decades at the hands of the authoritarian Chinese government; Groupon’s Super Bowl advertisement about Tibet (below) was based on a joke drastically reducing the seriousness of that suffering. Not all hope is lost, the ad says, because at least there are still refugees that will cook discounted food for White people!

The joke was intended to be absurd, but the absurdity presumed a lack of seriousness in the whole matter. It was an attempt at post-serious humor – but most people with common sense agree that the struggles of Tibet still deserve respect and seriousness. The joke is on anyone who really cares. It came across as the kind of out-of-touch humor that overprivileged, spiritually mean, advertising industry creatives (specifically, the kind that kids refer to as “douchebags”) would come up with. via:rww


LivingSocial “pre” Super Bowl Commercial

As Ad Age reported last month, “Groupon has made a decisive shift in marketing strategy, now betting big on traditional advertising and hiring CP&B and Publicis Groupe’s Starcom as its new lead creative and media agencies.” How’s that working out?

The real winner (loser?) here is LivingSocial. While their ad did suck, it managed not to crap on an entire nation of people. Kudos LivingSocial!


2 thoughts on “GroupOn and LivingSocial Duke it Out for Worst/Most Tasteless Super Bowl Commercials

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