Andy Pettitte Expected to Announce His Retirement on Friday

The classic Pettitte game face.

In case you didn’t know I’m a pretty die-hard Yankees fan so, even though the news wasn’t entirely unexpected, the finality of it was still a bit hard to swallow.

I’ve never even really gotten over the fact that Cashman and the Yankees took their sweet ass time after the 2003 season letting Pettitte know how valuable he was to the team which led him to sign a three-year contract with his hometown Astros.

And if you’re wondering how important Pettitte was in the Yankees pitching rotation, keep in mind that 2009 he was the winning pitcher in all three series-clinching victories over the Twins, Angels and Phillies, the last of which I saw live at Yankees Stadium during the World Series.

Andy’s always been my favorite Yankees pitcher no matter who’s come and gone the entire time he’s been there. Any day I got to go to the Stadium I’d try to make it on a day Andy was pitching. He was known as the workhorse, Old Faithful. He may not have been the flashiest pitcher around but for my money watching Andy pitch a game was like watching a Grand Master play chess.

So long Andy, and thanks for all the great memories.


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