Twerrible Towel Proves that, Thanks to Twitter, Steeler Nation Really is Everywhere

My scientific research shows it's legit. My name appeared seconds after Tweeting #SteelersNation

It’s not exactly a secret that the Steelers have a huge fan base that, due in part to Pittsburgh’s demise as an industrial city which forced residents to move elsewhere for jobs, is scattered all across the country. I can honestly say that in almost any city I’ve ever been to a sports bar in that was showing the Steelers game there was always at least a half dozen or more fans decked out in Steelers garb. Considering none of those cities were anywhere near Pittsburgh that’s pretty impressive.

One thing that’s synonymous with Steeler Nation is the Terrible Towel. With tens of thousands of scary looking Steelers fans twirling the Terrible Towel over their heads it’s undoubtedly the most intimidating towel in all of Toweldom.

Now, with the Steelers going back to the Super Bowl for the second time in three years, advertising agency McKinney has created a unique, not to mention incredibly cool, way for Steeler Nation to twirl the Terrible Twerrible Towel and support their Steelers.

Every time someone uses the hashtag #SteelersNation on Twitter the Twerrible Towel twirls one time. Using Twitter’s API, some “coding magic”, a microcontroller that directs a relay that rotates a repurposed fan motor one rotation. Simple right?

The entire thing is being live streamed through uStream. There’s even a laptop in the shot that shows the Twitter handle of the last person to tweet #SteelersNation along with a live count of how many times the towel has been twirled. As of this writing the count was up to 6,593 twirls.

You can check out their site at


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