Is Apple's Move to Tighten the Reigns of the App Store a Smart Move or a Sign of Desperation?

You may have thought Apple had a pretty tight stranglehold on the App Store already, but it seems as if it’s about to start getting much tighter.

Apple recently rejected Sony’s e-book reader that would have allowed users to buy e-books from the Sony Reader Store. According the the NYT, Apple told Sony that from now on, all in-app purchases would have to go through Apple, said Steve Haber, president of Sony’s digital reading division.

This seems like an odd move considering Kindle is one of the oldest e-reader apps in the App Store and it allows you to buy books from within the app from Amazon. Neither Apple nor Amazon seem to be commenting on the Kindle app’s future in the App Store as of now.

Some of the speculation is that Apple has done so well selling hardware, I mean like bajillionaire well, that they’re now focusing on boosting the comparatively low amount of money they’ve made from selling content.

Granted all of this is just speculation, but let’s hope Apple doesn’t exclude all options for being able to use their devices to purchase content outside their App Store. That seems a little too 1984.

“This sudden shift perhaps tells you something about Apple’s understanding of the value of its platform,” said James L. McQuivey, a consumer electronics analyst at Forrester Research. “Apple started making money with devices. Maybe the new thing that everyone recognizes is the unit of economic value is the platform, not the device.”


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