The L Train Claims Another, Apparently Intoxicated, Victim

This is one of those things that really should be the definition of “that goes without saying”, but time and time again, it seems it needs to be said. If you are on a subway platform and drop something on the tracks, unless it’s your child or perhaps some other living person possibly related to you, do not take it upon yourself to try and retrieve whatever you dropped.

Not only are you unnecessarily putting your own life at risk, you’re potentially threatening the sanity and emotional well-being of everyone else that is about to see you crushed by an oncoming train. Not to mention what it does to the conductors of the trains, having to live with the fact that they’ve taken someone’s life even if it was through no fault of their own.

“You can’t see anything until you are actually in the station,” the motorman said. “When I came into the station, he was about sixty or seventy feet down the platform. The only thing I could do was activate the emergency brakes.”

Fatal accidents can be tramautic to train operators. Some hang up their keys, never to return to the motorman’s cab. Others take extended leaves.

This was the motorman’s first fatality.

“It’s very uncomfortable,” he said. “I”m managing but I’m going to see a shrink, definitely. I woke up six times last night.”

In fact, there should be a new law that if you see someone jump on the tracks to “rescue” their keys or iPhone or whatever they think is worth risking their life for, you should be legally allowed to help pull them off the tracks and then beat the shit out of them for being a fucking idiot.

Photo courtesy of the NYPost


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