Katie Couric, Bryant Gumble and Some Other Chick Wax Poetic About the Internets in 1994

UPDATE: Washington Post columnist Rob Pegoraro Tweeted that the guy who originally posted this video on YouTube was fired by NBC for releasing it. So lame NBC.

Yes, I’m quite sure that the only person left on the 2011 version of the internet that hasn’t seen this clip is probably my Mom but I’m posting it anyway.

I would claim that I’m posting it just so that I can share it with Mom and get a laugh, but the truth is she’s 76-years-old and doesn’t even own a computer and probably wouldn’t get the joke anyway. Well, that’s not totally true, she does in fact own a computer that she recently purchased. The caveat is that it’s not hooked up to the internet and she uses it as basically the world’s most expensive word processor.

If you have any complaints or comments about this post feel free to send them to kcouric a with a circle around it 1994 period com.


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