Artist Don Shank Puts Your iPad Doodles to Shame

Click image to enlarge If you have an iPad you’ve probably, at some point or another, played around with one of the nifty drawing or painting apps they have. If you’re like me you’ve probably rocked out a couple of awesome looking stick figures and written your name in bubble letters, but how many of you have taken it to the level that Don Shank has?

Above are a handful of paintings I did on my iPad with the Brushes app for iPad. I love this app. Yes, I’ve tried Sketchbook Pro, I like it fine, it’s a great app, but I’m drawn more to the simple directness of Brushes. It’s a pleasure to use. (Though there are a few things I wish it had (Saturation Slider please!))
Also, one of the coolest things is you can play back your painting right there on the iPad and watch as it re-creates itself. Even better you can email yourself the “actions” file for the painting to your computer and using the free Brushes Viewer application it can re-render the image up to 6x high and wide (that’s 4608pixels by 6144 pixels!) The images here on my blog were shrunk down from that size to 2000 x 1500. It will export Quicktime movies too, I’ll post some movies in the future.

You can check out more of some of his amazing work here.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever painted/drawn on your iPad? Post a link and share it with us in the comments.


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