Snowpocolypse 2010: NYC Expecting 6" to 8" of Snow on Sunday

If there’s one thing that gets my juices flowing like a good tech story, it’s a good weather story, and there’s no better weather story than NYC getting dumped on with up to 8″ of snow.

I’ve spent a better part of this morning confirming this rumor with my sources by which I mean I’ve double and triple checked all 13 weather apps on my iPhone and yep, it’s definitely probably maybe going to snow.

Around 4am I called an emergency family meeting, by which I mean I woke up my wife who immediately told me off and went back to sleep.

That’s not important right now, what is important is the gist of the meeting I had in mind. Our daughter is only 2 1/2 and not great with dates yet and I’m pretty sure we can convince her this morning that she was mistaken and that Christmas isn’t until Sunday, thus allowing for the miracle of a white Christmas.

In the meantime I’ve decided to ration out the Christmas ham to two ounces per person to ensure that we aren’t forced to resort to cannibalism during Snowpocolypse 2010.

Stay tuned here for all the latest information on Snowmegeddon 2010. If for some reason this powerful winter monster knocks out the internet I’ll be broadcasting on Ham Radio frequency DeltaEightCharlieAlphaSeven.


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