What Do You Get the Cat That Has Everything? His Own Kitty iPad App of course

Everyone knows that, for the most part, cats are finicky bitches with huge egos which makes shopping for them nearly impossible. There’s no worse feeling than having your cat get all uppity and judgmental about the crappy cat toys you bought him Kristmas.

All of this, of course, is scientifically proven information and which is why I refuse to own cats.

Lucky for you Hiccup came up with this iPad game made specifically for cats. Step one: Go out and buy your kitteh a fat sack of catnip. Step two: Download this free game on your iPad. Step three: Sit back and watch as your cat has his mind blown with hours of mice chasing fun.


P.S. You’ll probably want to make sure your cat’s declawed because, from the looks of it, he’s going to be doing some serious pouncing on your iPad.


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