Are Taking Away TV and Internet Privileges Synonymous Punishments Now Days?

According to a new survey by the Center for the Digital Future, at the Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism at the University of Southern California 57 percent of parents say they limit their kids internet access as a form of punishment.

Researchers at the Center report parents are now limiting their children’s Internet access and television use in nearly identical ways. Three in five American households restrict television use as a punishment, a figure that’s hardly budged over the past decade. Restricting children’s Internet use as a form of punishment has steadily increased over the years and is now a practice in 57 percent of the nation’s homes with children under 18.

The statistic I found a little more shocking was that “only 28 percent thought their children spent too much time on the Internet, against 41 percent who thought television time was excessive.” I would have guessed the internet percentage to be much higher.

My daughter is only 2 1/2 so neither of these really apply to her. I am curious to hear from you moms and dads out there on how you handle restricting TV and internet as forms of punishment. If you do use it, do the punishments run concurrently or is it a one or the other sort of thing? Let us know in the comments how you deal with these sorts of issues.


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