'My Son is Five', At Least That's What She Should Have Said

Any good writer knows that a juicy headline is worth it’s weight in gold, and the mother of the 5-year-old boy that dressed up as Daphne from Scooby-Doo knew that all too well. Now she seems to be taken aback that she’s being accused of outing her son’s sexual orientation.

…a clinical psychologist, Dr. Jeff Gardere, accused the mom of “outing” her son by posting the photo on the Internet. “With all due respect, whether your child is gay or straight, I think you kind of outed him by putting him in the blog,” Dr. Gardere said.

The mother responded that her son has not been “outed,” because nobody knows the child’s sexual orientation. “First of all, he’s 5 years old,” she said on the program. “He’s made no sexual conscious choice — which I don’t believe it is (a choice) — but he’s made no overtures either way at the age of 5. I feel that people are reading into it in a negative way.”

Yes, she immediately creates a caveat to the headline by saying, “or he’s not,” and it’s true he’s only 5-years-old and probably doesn’t have much of a sexual orientation yet, but the fact is you knew that when you put the story on your blog and you chose to use a more “sensational” headline.

I’m 100% not saying that you shouldn’t support your kids no matter what choices they make, but once you make the decision to use them as (flame)-bait, you’re opening yourself for all sorts of criticism, both good and bad.

You’re absolutely right, your son is only five and the fact that you supported him when he wanted to dress up like Daphne for Halloween is awesome. The fact that you chose to share it with the world under the dubious headline of “My Son is Gay” is a little questionable.

I don’t have a problem if your son wants to dress up like Daphne for Halloween and I don’t have a problem with your son’s sexual orientation no matter what it may or may not be or may or may not turn out to be. I do have a problem with you putting words in your son’s mouth to drive traffic to your blog for purely selfish reasons. Your son never said he was gay, he’s just a 5-year-old that wanted to dress up with his friend for Halloween, you’re the one that put those words in his mouth.


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