FOX News Passing Off Articles from The Onion as Real News Stories

UPDATE: Since this post was published FOX News has added “The Onion:” to the beginning of the article’s title. Still begging the question, how many FOX News readers/viewers actually know what the hell the Onion is? FOX News: If you insist on posting misleading satirical content on your site (is that an oxymoron?) then at least predicate it with “Satire:” not just “The Onion:” to try and cover your ass.

Either someone at FOX News doesn’t understand satire, or they’re just stupid. Personally I’d like to believe that the two may not be mutually exclusive.

FOX Nation published the title and first two paragraphs, verbatim, of an article the Onion ran about a “frustrated Obama writing a 75,000 word email to the Nation at four in the morning”. The only hint at all that it’s an Onion article is a small link to the Onion pretty far down from the actual post.

What makes it worse is that FOX Nation buried the story in with a couple dozen other REAL stories (here’s a screenshot of where the story was on the homepage). So either they didn’t know the story was satire which makes them stupid, or they didn’t care it was satire and tried to pass it off as real, which makes them, at best, unethical.


3 thoughts on “FOX News Passing Off Articles from The Onion as Real News Stories

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  2. Wow. The amazing lack of journalistic ethics or propriety at Fox “News” looks to me more like some Orwellian propaganda effort. Do their viewers just not care enough for this to bother them? When (and why) did they stop thinking? Those of us in the center demand better from MSNBC or CNN, why don’t those on the Right demand better from Fox? Could it be they really don’t care?

    • Hey Dan, thanks for the comment.

      As sad as it is, I’m starting to think the sad truth is, as effed up as FOX’s journalistic standards are, that they’re just telling their listeners what they already want to hear.

      They’re not after any search for truth or real reporting, the truth can sometimes be hard to swallow or comprehend. They just tell the people on the right, who choose to be ignorant of things in the face of facts, what they really want to hear. Confirmation of their bigotry.


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