Wikileaks Plans on Releasing Hundreds of Thousands of Classified U.S. State Department Cables

A little over a month after Wikileaks published over 400,000 classified Iraq War documents comes word that they are now on the verge of releasing “a few hundred thousand” classified U.S. State Department cables.

The Pentagon warned the U.S. Senate and House Armed Services Committees that the website “intends to release several hundred thousand” classified U.S. State Department cables as soon as Nov. 26.

The documents “touch on an enormous range of very sensitive foreign policy issues,” Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs Elizabeth King wrote yesterday in an e-mail to the defense panels.

Although the article claims that ” several hundred thousand” documents will be released, that may be an understatement. On November 21 Wikileaks posted on its Twitter account, “Next release is 7x the size of the Iraq War Logs. intense pressure over it for months.” If that’s true the number could be more like millions of U.S. State Department cables.

Wikileaks last Tweet simply says, “The Pentagon is hyperventilating again over fears of being held to account”.

State department spokesman, PJ Crowley, said the release of confidential communications was “harmful to our national security. It does put lives at risk. It does put national interests at risk”.

What do you think? Is Wikileaks jeopardizing our national security by releasing these sorts of documents or are they simply holding the State Department accountable for their actions?


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