If You're Feeling All Aglow After Gobbling Down Your Turkey Day Dinner, It's Probably the Arsenic

My that turkey is sexy, what’s your secret? Well, you know, arsenic based pesticides *blush*.

Most commercial-grade poultry feed today contains an arsenic-based pesticide. Like the Victorians, farmers use the poison because of its ability to improve appearances — in this case because arsenic’s potent effect on blood vessels makes the chicken and turkey we buy look pinker and therefore fresher.

Of course eating a turkey, or probably even a thousand, isn’t going to kill you, but it’s the idea that the FDA doesn’t have enough power to actually get stuff like this off of the market that’s particularly galling. I’m sure if given the choice most people would choose paler turkeys over ingesting any amount of arsenic.

Don’t worry, if you bought an organic turkey or a tofurkey you’re in the clear.


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