Foursquare's Official Statement on Facebook Places Adding Deals, "We Ain't Skerred"

Just got this from Foursquare’s PR dept. in response to my inquiry about Facebook Deals:

Many products are now integrating check-ins and tools for local merchants, and we welcome new entrants to the space. As the market leader among location-based services, we feel we’re driving innovation in this area by offering a more engaging experience for users and business owners on top of the check-in. We’re currently receiving over 1.5 million check-ins per day, and we’ve added over 1 million users in the past six weeks. We already have tens of thousands of active specials running our platform, and soon we’ll be rolling out some new features that will make it even easier for businesses and brands to connect with customers and reward loyalty.

A million users in the past six weeks! It’s going to be an interesting couple of months for location based services and competition. One thing this should mean for users, no matter what your app of choice is, the competition should bring about some really significant deals and serious ramping up on what LBS can do for you. This of course is good news for everyone.


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