Soylent Green Anyone?

Apparently nothing gets the old folks motivated like a black man in the White House and anyone trying to give them better health care options.

[Seniors] “remain the group most resistant to Obama’s health-care agenda and the most skeptical of him overall.” As a result, Tuesday’s exit polls showed that in contrast to 2006, when voters over 65 split their vote 49 percent to 49 percent between Democrats and the GOP, they now support Republicans 58–40, by far the largest pro-GOP margin of any age group.

Way to stick it to the man gramps, I mean really, what the fuck has Obama done so far anyway? Who cares that he’s cut prescription drug cost for medicare recipients by 50%. It’s not like that directly benefits you in any way…oh wait, yeah it does.

Well, maybe you’re all pissed that he enacted the Children’s Health Insurance Reauthorization Act, which provides health care to 11 million kids — 4 million of whom were previously uninsured.

In the last midterm elections, in 2006, over-65ers made up 19 percent of the voter pool; the same goes for 1994, the last time the GOP ran the board on a recently elected Democratic president. So this year’s number—again, 23 percent—is a full 4 percentage points higher than the recent benchmarks.

I guess fear really is the great motivator.


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