San Francisco Wins the World Series and Bans Happy Meals

OK, the two are probably unrelated but they deserve a big kudos for both. The Giants get props for humiliating the Rangers that destroyed my Yankees and now they get even bigger props for taking a step that should be adopted by every city around the country.

The Board of Supervisors today passed an ordinance that will require meals to meet nutritional guidelines if restaurants wish to include a toy with the food purchase. More importantly, the supes passed the so-called “Happy Meal Ban” by an 8-3 vote ― meaning it can survive a promised veto from Mayor Gavin Newsom. That’s right: San Francisco done banned the Happy Meal. Robble robble.

Recently Mayor Bloomberg proposed banning the purchase of soda with food stamps, that, along with many other forward thinking health initiatives Bloomberg has supported since he’s been in office have helped improve the general health of New Yorkers and helped saved the city millions in health care costs.

Let’s hope NYC is the next city to follow suit in putting the kibosh on McDonald’s Happy Meals and help curb the obesity epidemic sweeping our country.

Source: SFWeekly


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