New Skype 5 Launches: Gets Facebook Integration and Group Video Chat

Skype just released a huge, new update that is sure to give it a serious boost among online Facebook users. Skype now allows you to have total integration with your Facebook account, including the ability to call and text your Facebook friends right from Skype.

Facebook Integration

The Facebook tab allows you to view your news feed and call or text friends who have their numbers shared in their profile right from your feed, you can also easily switch over to the Facebook phonebook tab which gives you a more conventional view of your contacts.

New Group Video Chat

According the Skype blog: Video calling accounted for approximately 40% of all Skype-to-Skype minutes in the first half of this year, and with the new version of Skype, you’ll receive a free trial of group video calling in beta. We’ve added a dynamic group video calling view, which it easy to follow who’s talking by moving the focus to the person speaking on the call – try it out!

Throw in the new and improved super clean UI and you’d pretty much have to say that Skype hit it out of the park with this release. I know my Skype usage will be going up significantly in the next few weeks just to I can get to play with all of these new features.

If you don’t have Skype installed you can download it here. If you already have a version of Skype installed just go to Help > Check for Updates and let Skype do the rest.

So, have you tried the new Skype yet? Let us know what you think of the new features and what your experience with it has been.


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