REVIEW: Posterous Gets App-y, Posterous Users Get Happy (Screenshots)

Posterous finally jumped on board the app train today with the release of their new Posterous app. Their previous app PicPosterous wasn’t nearly as robust as this and I’m pretty sure the guys over at Posterous knew they’d be better off starting from the ground up with a totally new app and that’s exactly what they did.

All in all the app is a huge improvement and makes it incredibly easy to manage and maintain your Posterous site from your iPhone. On the other hand, Posterous is so damn good at handling posts by mailing them in I’m not sure I see this app as completely replacing that method on the iPhone.

The two places this app will come in really handy is if you have a post you want to make private or for some reason don’t want to have it autopost everywhere you can easily manage that with the app. The other huge plus is the ability to upload videos straight through the app. If you’re using an iPhone 4 and taking HD video you’re going to find that you’ll quickly run into a size issue when trying to email it to your Posterous blog. This app, theoretically, allows you to upload videos of any size while continuing to run in the background. That feature alone in this app should quickly make Posterous a serious player in hosting and sharing mobile HD videos online. I for one can’t wait to give it a shot.

[nggallery id=13]

Click after the jump to see a more in depth video tour of all the features in the new Posterous app.



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