My Take on NYC's Proposed Ban of Buying Soda with Food Stamps

I’m actually going to start off this post by saying that regardless of what my opinion is, I think this is going to happen. Say what you will about Michael Bloomberg (and a lot can be said) he has done for health in NYC what Giuliani did for crime in the 90’s.

Bloomberg’s administration is responsible for the total smoking ban inside any public building in NYC, and while people were up in arms about it at the time, I am willing to bet that if you went into any bar or restaurant now, even the smokers will say it’s a more comfortable environment and they don’t mind going outside for smoke breaks.

Bloomberg’s administration was also behind the ban of trans-fats in all NYC restaurants which was unanimously approved by the city council in 2008. So, say what you will about the soda/food stamps controversy, it will get approved.

There is absolutely nothing healthy about soda. There is no benefit to it and it provides no real sustenance. Obesity is an overwhelming epidemic in this country and I don’t think that Americans should be footing the bill for something that has no nutritional value whatsoever and, on the contrary, is actually bad for you. But this isn’t just about paying for soda. This is about the long-term effects it will have and the money that will then be spent on medical bills for obesity related illnesses.

I, for one, applaud NYC’s hard line stance on health care and wish that more of the country would adopt some of these ideals. Instead of seeing not being able to purchase a can of high-fructose corn syrup with food stamps as some sort of punishment, we should be smart enough as a people to see it as an opportunity to embrace life, health and happiness.

What are your thoughts on whether or not people should be allowed to buy soda with food stamps?


2 thoughts on “My Take on NYC's Proposed Ban of Buying Soda with Food Stamps

  1. I agree. I don’t think most people don’t really consider the effect fat people have on our economy. Heath Insurance goes up which costs businesses so much money and forces a lot of companies to do things like force people to work part time hours so they don’t have to pay for benefits. It hurts small businesses, people who are paying for heath care out of their pocket, medicare/medicaid, etc…


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