What's Your Story?: How to Become a Social Media Success

I went to nyXpo yesterday and besides getting to meet a lot of great people I got to see Gary Vaynerchuk and Robert Scoble speak to a large room full of people about social media. One thing from their talk that really stuck with me was their emphasis on telling your story.

The gist of their story was that too many entrepreneurs and small business owners spend too much time trying to figure out how to make their story work around social media rather than the other way around. Every single one of us has a story to tell, whether you own a business or not, but if you’re a small business owner and you are looking to engage potential clients, getting your business’ story across is one of the most important things you can do.

Don’t spend so much time focusing on which tools you use, spend more time figuring out how best to tell your story. Sure, Foursquare is huge right now, but if you don’t have a business with a brick and mortar location it’s obviously not a tool you need to be focusing on. Sounds simple, but it’s a question a lot of small business owners ask.

Facebook has over a half a billion users but if you set up a Facebook page for your business and no one sees it who cares? By it’s very nature Twitter is one of the easiest ways to engage clients/potential clients. It’s stream of conscious and open streams provide a lot more for business owners to use. According to Gary, “if you own a business and you’re not on Twitter, ‘You’re an asshole.'” No, really, he said that.

Once you find a way to make contact with people interested in buying what you you’re selling, picking up what you’re putting down, make sure you do it right. Play it smooth. Don’t go in for the hard sell every time, just making contact of any sort turns them from a complete stranger to an almost acquaintance. Once you find someone who is interested and knows you exist, someone who has heard or is willing to tell “your story” then you’ve gone from a complete stranger to someone who has some semblance of a real, vested interest in whether or not you succeed.

The bottom line is, if you start using any social media tool solely to sell your product you’re going to be disregarded almost instantly. Fifteen years of the internet has given people really good bullshit detectors. I don’t want to buy my windows from some slick asshole trying to sell me his windows, I want to buy windows from some guy that busts his ass but is also interested in other shit and doesn’t just look at me as a lead.

That’s where you can become a social media success story. Skip the bullshit marketing routine that everybody does and use it to follow up with people whom you’ve already serviced. The only way you’re going to be able to compete with the “big guys” is to out care them. That’s the key. Once people see that you really, truly care about satisfaction, or practically anything else, and not just selling, the sky’s the limit.


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TIP: Frintr Uses Your Friends' Profile Pics to Make a Mosaic of Your Profile Pic

Frintr lets you use your Twitter, Facebook or MySpace (really?) friends to make a pretty cool mosaic of whatever profile pic you have posted. The digital image is free and you can either post or download it after it’s created. For $1 you can get a hi-res digital download of your Frintr or for $13.99 you can buy an actual poster of yourself all mosaic-ed up to hand out as holiday gifts.

Top 10 Cydia Apps for iPhone 4

Yesterday I posted on Twitter that I had finally decided to jailbreak my iPhone 4 if only to get a hold of one of my favorite apps, iBlacklist. A friend of mine asked if it was actually worth it to jailbreak and my answer is a resounding, “yes”.

Sure, at times it can be a bit of a pain if you’re worried about updating your iOS every time Apple releases an update but the folks over at Dev-Team are usually very good about releasing jailbreak updates extremely quickly in response to any major iOS updates.

Currently, the easiest and fastest way to jailbreak your iPhone 4 running iOS 4.1 is by using limera1n which was released by Geohot, one of the best out there at finding iOS exploits.

Some people may feel intimidated by the thought of jailbreaking their iPhone but it seriously couldn’t be simpler. Go to limera1n.com, choose your OS and download the .exe file. Once you have the file downloaded, connect your iPhone to your computer, run the file and follow the instructions. Your phone should be up and running and ready to go in just a few minutes. Once you’ve jailbroken your phone you can uninstall limera1n from your phone.

OK, enough with the geeky techno-jargon. Let’s get to the fun stuff. The reasons why it’s worth jailbreaking your iPhone, the must have apps you just can’t get through the App Store. Click after the jump for apptacular goodness.

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Brooklyn Space Program: HD Camera, iPhone and a Weather Balloon go into Outer Space

I’d love to do this with my daughter someday. A father and son team in Brooklyn built a capsule with an HD camera, an iPhone (for the GPS) and a weather balloon. The weather balloon and the camera make it to 100,000 feet before the balloon pops and the camera comes plummeting back to earth.

Check out more at brooklynspaceprogram.org

Atomic Tom: The Coolest Thing You'll See Involving iPhones, Hipsters and the Subway All Day

Legend has it that the NYC band Atomic Tom had their band equipment stolen by some asshole. They must be pacifists because instead finding the thieves and beating them to a pulp they took to the subway and made a totally fucking awesome music video using nothing but iPhones.

I’d never heard of these guys before but this song kicks much ass and the way they manage to use their iPhones kicks even more ass. I’ll shut up now, just watch.

Chik-fil-A Cows Have Infiltrated an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

This just in, being a vegetarian isn’t just good for you, it’s good for the planet. Not only that, there may well be laws regulating the amount of meat you can eat if global scientists have anything to say about it.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimates that agriculture accounts for 10-12 percent of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. This figure does not include land conversion effects; taking those into account, the number jumps to almost thirty percent, and livestock production accounts for the bulk of these emissions. Rearing livestock also uses a great deal of nitrogen-based fertilizer, which goes into the animals’ feedstock.

A new analysis of the carbon and nitrogen cycles suggests that livestock production is on a path to unsustainability, and that it will push us beyond Earth’s safe operating limits by the middle of the century.

Wake up people! Cows have been lulling us into a serious complacency while they’ve been standing around passing gas all day and completely destroying the environment. I was forced to stop using Aqua Net almost fifteen years ago and still these cows are just lying there on my bun mocking me on an almost daily basis.

If we can use social media to get Gap to change back their lame logo inside of a week, we can surely come together and figure out a way to win this battle between good and cows.

via: ars technica