It's Hard to Imagine that in 2010 People are Still Bigoted About Who They're Willing to Live with Based Solely on Their iPhone. Wait, what?

People have always known that New York City is a place you can blend in. Even if you have an unnatural hatred for iPhones.

A guy put an ad on Craigslist looking for a roommate situation for when he moves in at the end of August. His only stipulation? Said roommate must not have an iPhone and, “Oh, and probably no iPads, either”.

$1400 25 yo professional male looking for a room – NO IPHONES (SoHo)

Oh, hello. I’m moving to NYC at the end of August, and am looking to sign a one year lease somewhere in Manhattan. The more happening the area, the better.

Other than budget ($1400 or less), I have two major criteria

1) NO IPHONE USERS. I refuse to live with anyone that has sold their immortal soul to Steve Jobs. I don’t care about your app that tells you when you need to water your plants. I don’t care that your phone can function as a Speak N Spell. I don’t care that your phone has a million “exciting” features that exist elsewhere. NO IPHONES. Oh, and probably no iPads, either. Upon meeting, you must show me your phone (no scammers! I will be calling it in person to confirm that it is indeed your phone)
2) STARCRAFT 2 experience is a big plus. If you play, please post a link to your profile. The more experience, the better. No bronze leaguers.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Word has it that this is all part of this guy’s forty year plan, then end of which culminates with him retiring and moving back to where he came from to tell those pesky kids to get off his damn lawn.


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