'Global Warming' Graduates to 'Global Warmed', Tries its Best to Kill You

If you are an infant, child, elderly person, obese person, taking blood pressure medications, heart medicines such as beta blockers and diuretics, seizure medications, antihistimines, and antidepressants the heat has a couple of words for you, “drop dead“. No, seriously, that’s what the warning said.

With triple digit temperatures expected Tuesday in 16 states, and the heat index possibly reaching 118 degrees in some areas, it’s crucial to know the signs of heat stroke.

Heat stroke – and the less deadly but still serious heat cramps and exhaustion – strike when sweating, the body’s usual method of compensating for the heat, just isn’t enough to cool the body down.

Luckily that global warming skeptics are health nuts so I’m sure they have nothing to worry about.


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