Blogging Tips that Keep You From Being Confused With a Blogger that Sucks: Lesson #1

It took me a while to build up the courage to begin this series of posts, mainly because this is only part one of a 700 part series, and that’s the abridged version.

One of the amazing things about blogging is that virtually anyone can do it. Unfortunately, one of the drags about blogging is that virtually anyone can do it. Without a doubt the easiest part of blogging is sucking at it.

Fortunately, if you’re reading this, you’re already one step closer to what blogging is all about, success and glory.

Blogging Tips that Keep You From Being Confused With a Blogger that Sucks is a master-level course painstakingly constructed to, not only make you a better blogger, but to make you more attractive to the opposite sex as well as learning how to turn your blog posts into cold, hard cash.

Alright, enough with the introductions, let’s get down to brass tacks. Click after the jump to get started.

Lesson #1

Post with passion. No matter what subject your blog or your post is about there are sure to be innumerable other blogs or posts out there on the same subject. The one thing that separates you from all the others is you. You are the unique ingredient in your writing.

Earlier I started to post a blog entry about YouTube’s announcement that they’ve increased the maximum length of their video uploads to 15 minutes, up from 10.

Fortunately before I hit the “Publish” button I realized I had absolutely no business at all to be publishing a post about that. Sure, I write about tech but the only thing I use YouTube for is publishing 30 second long videos of my daughter.

Granted, YouTube increasing its maximum upload length by fifty percent is pretty big news, but really what else is there to say that hasn’t already been said?

There’s nothing wrong with posting content that you know is already being covered, that being said, keep in mind what makes the content interesting to your readers. Your perspective. Don’t just tell your readers that YouTube has increased its maximum upload, tell them why that is good news for them. Tell them how you plan on taking advantage of it and what it means for the industry.

For me, the YouTube story is a perfect example, because there really isn’t too much to say about it. If your readers can’t figure out the benefits of uploading 15 minutes of video as opposed to 10 minutes of videos then original content probably isn’t your biggest concern. Your biggest concern would be why your content is attracting people that are so dumb.


Don’t just go around the internet and grabbing every headline you see just to throw content onto your blog. Trust me, no one is going to come to your blog and be blown away by the fact that you jumped on that 15 Minutes of YouTube train.

A great goal to aim for is to be aware of your content and work toward giving your readers something they can’t find anywhere else. You.


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