Twitter as a Game Changer

One of my favorite shows, Pardon the Interruption, hasn’t recorded on my DVR for the past two days which was pretty frustrating. It’s my go to, catch-all sports shows that I record and then watch after work while I’m winding down.

Occasionally they get bumped by a tournament or bass fishing special but, for the most part, they’re on like clockwork. After they weren’t on again today and I saw SportsNation in its place I had a mild panic attack thinking ESPN had somehow made the worst programming decision of all time.

Immediately I knew where I could get the answer without having to Google and click on links or go to and find the PTI site I hopped on Twitter and went to @PTIShow

That’s what a good Twitter feed should do. If you want to find out the latest on a company or brand you’re following this is exactly what you want to see on their Twitter feed. Part of engaging is disseminating information without sounding like a shill.


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