How to Tune Out the Droning of the Vuvuzelas on Your Samsung TV

How to adjust the equalizer on your Samsung TV to drown out some of the incessant vuvuzela noise.

Samsung Vuvuzela Killer

  1. Press the menu button
  2. Scroll down to Sound > Equalizer option
  3. 100Hz all the way up
  4. 300Hz all the way down
  5. 1K all the way up

This is what I found works best for me. You may need to play around and tweak to find something that works better for you. It doesn’t completely tune out the vuvuzelas all together but it definitely helps drown them out a bit, especially when the commentators are speaking.

If you give it a shot let us know how it worked in the comments.

Also, while I have Samsung tvs, I presume that the basic equalizer options are the same on most tvs that actually have an equalizer so go ahead and give it a shot. Look at it this way, it’s not like the sound could actually get more annoying so what do you have to lose?


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