Rapportive Gmail Plugin Gives You Social and CRM Advantage

I get a lot of emails from people I don’t know asking me questions or commenting on a post or looking for a problem solver. Rapportive gives me a leg up, immediately being able to see a little more about the person and who they are. Fortunately for me this makes me look a lot smarter than I am when I can email them back and drop hints about things they may not expect me to immediately know.

There are a lot of new tools out there that claim to help you aggregate your social media contacts. Many of them require you to create account and enter the details of all the sites you want to collect information from which really isn’t all that convenient. That’s what makes Rapportive so attractive, it doesn’t rely on you entering any information, it simply pulls its info from the email of the person in your inbox.

[nggallery id=11]

Currently there are plugins for Firefox and a Chrome as well as Mailplane for Macs. Simply go here using one of those two browsers to install the plugin. Believe it or not I’ve already found out some new and useful info about a few of my contacts that I may never have discovered without Rapportive.

Whenever you open an email in from someone Rapportive automatically uses their email address to lookup various social networking sites to give you an idea of who you’re talking to. The plugin also allows you to keep notes on each user, very helpful if you’re getting hundreds of emails a day and dealing with potential clients that you may or may not hear from for long periods of time.

Go ahead, install it and let us know what you think in the comments.


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